EASDO / Erasmus / Incoming: Educational offer

General information

Institution Address and Website:

EASDO (Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Orihuela)
Avda. Doctor García Rogel, s/n • 03300 ORIHUELA ( Alicante)
Phone number: +34 96 674 83 00 | www.esdorihuela.com

Erasmus Code:


International relations office:

Erasmus+ Coordinator: Prof. Salvador Javier Ros Turégano
e-mail: erasmus@esdorihuela.com

Educational offer

Study Programs:


4 year First cycle (EQF Level 6) program — 240 ECTS

First Cycle /EQF Level 6

    • Interior Design
    • Fashion Design
    • Graphic Design

2 year Short cycle (EQF level 5) program — 120 ECTS

Short cycles / EQF Level 5

  • Carve out of Stone
  • Photography
  • Decorating and Building Management Projects
  • Advertising Graphics
  • Clothing Modeling
  • Audiovisual Graphics

Instruction Language:

There are a restricted number of classes taught in English, in the Interior Design Degree.
Main instruction language is Spanish, exchange students will be supervised and tutored in English.

Language proficiency:

Knowledge in Spanish at the B1 level is advisable to take courses in Spanish.
Exchange students must be fluent enough in English in order to communicate with teachers and other students.

Spanish language course:

A Spanish language course will be offered during the Spring semester (four periods a week).
The course is aimed to non-native Spanish speakers who wish to learn or improve their knowledge of Spanish language and culture.


Deadlines for nominations/applications:

First / Autumn Semester: 15th June
Second / Spring Semester: 15th November

Required documents to be sent by email (erasmus@esdorihuela.com):

Institutional official nomination to be followed by

    • Application form
    • Personal photo
    • Porfolio
    • Covering letter
    • Learning Agreement
    • Transcript of Records

Important information

Health insurance:

Incoming students must have Health insurance or European Health card.



EASDO does not have a student residence. However the Erasmus+ officers can help with information on finding accommodation.


Visa/Residence permit:

Non-European students must have student visa.

European students staying in Spain longer than three months must fill out an EX15 form to get their NIE (Spanish Identity Document needed to do any kind of transaction: applying for a phone or internet line…) and hand it out in the “Gobierno Civil” in Alicante or any other “Oficina de Extranjería”.

Further Information and indications will be given personally to the students in the Erasmus+ office in Orihuela